How to Choose a Men’s Wedding Ring

Every one of the Different Varieties of Wedding Rings for Men, Explained
Let’s face it: With regards to wedding rings, males don’t will have a huge amount of options. More often than not they reach choose from just a few men’s strap styles made out of either rare metal, platinum or (sometimes) tungsten.

Luckily, the days of boring men’s wedding bands are over. Modern jewelers notice that men want to show off their style – and their personalities – as much (or sometimes more! ) than the women of all ages. Let’s breakdown all the areas of men’s strap styles to help you put the right wedding ring on it.

Men’s strap styles: The aspects you should know
It’s good to acquire options – in particular when it involves men’s wedding rings. With regards to buying wedding rings for males, you have to look at a range of things, including:

While women’s engagement engagement rings tend to have bands that are similar in width, men have more options. The reason: Men tend to have bigger hands that can vary widely based on on a number of weight, factors and including top. Thicker wedding rings will be more comfortable for men with much larger hands, or those who work in hands-on opportunities.

Not all metals are created equally. While every metallic used for men’s wedding band styles are designed to be durable and stand up to day-to-day life, the truth is that they’re all still different.

Platinum is one of the most popular metal choice for men’s weddings rings because it’s both visually appealing ( thanks to its soft white color) and durable (about 20 percent more dense than white gold ). Another benefit to choosing platinum is that it doesn’t show off scratches like its yellow metal counterpart, but its denseness means it will cost more than other similar metals.

Thought much less strong as platinum, both gold and white yellow metal are also stable selections for men’s wedding rings. Though both are produced from pure yellow metal, they’re different – and both have their benefits and drawbacks. Yellow gold is the traditional and timeless choice for men’s wedding bands. Made with pure gold and a mixture of silver and copper, yellow gold gives off a warm hue that’ll never go out of style – and it makes those diamonds pop. White gold, on the other hand, is a far more modern day style that combines 100 % pure golden with other metals, like palladium, zinc, copper, silver and nickel. The white color will mirror the sparkle of any diamond jewelry on the diamond ring, presenting the illusion that the rocks are bigger and brighter.

The downside to gold and white gold? Its energy. The good news is that rhodium plating can help improve the durability in white precious metal and allow it to be even more lustrous and reflective, but it does wear off over time and must be replated after a few years. With Clarity offers a lifetime warranty that cover replating and repolishing. If you can’t choose between the two, two-tone men’s wedding band styles offer both white gold and gold in the same diamond ring. The actual combo of the material depends on the style: Some – like the Carved Dome Two Color Men’s Band – is more gold than white golden, while some might be generally white golden with gold accents.

Generally, a men’s wedding band should gently slide on the knuckle (with easy edges for comfort), but still fit snugly on the finger. The metallic you choose can also impact fit, specifically how heavy it feels on your finger. Metals like platinum tend to be heavier on the finger, thanks to its density. Pro word of advice: If wedding ring weight is a problem, look for styles that are specifically made to be light in weight, like the Carved Silk LIGHT-WEIGHT Men’s Band.

You’ve picked a material for the marriage group, but how do you want to end it? Though women’s engagement rings and wedding rings tend to use the same finish, men’s wedding bands have a variety of options to fit your style.

High polish. The most popular finish for wedding bands, high polish provides wedding ring a reflective, glistening surface. It generates a dazzling and attractive look, however, many refined metals (like white silver ) can be susceptible to scratching.

Matte. A matte surface finish gives off a set look that isn’t glistening or reflective.

Satin. A silk carry out on men’s strap styles act like high polish for the reason that it offers the wedding ring an even and sparkly look. However , it doesn’t indicate light, cutting down on the flashiness for those fellas who don’t want to pull too much attention to their rings.

Sand blasting. Want an engagement ring with a little grit to it? Consider sand blasting. The strategy uses an abrasive to create a “ difficult ” look to the engagement ring – and there’s absolutely no shine or reflection on it at all.

A wedding group is a marriage band, right? Definitely not. Men’s wedding rings are all round, of course , nevertheless, you have multiple options as it pertains to structure. At With Lucidity, the men’s wedding rings styles are set up in 3 ways:

Dome. Sometimes called a D-shape, a dome composition on a marriage band presents it a round appearance on the top and ends of the engagement ring that some men find convenient.

Flat. A set condition over a men’s strap is just what it appears like: A strap without curves and direct ends on the engagement ring.

Concave. A concave framework is the contrary of dome: The top of engagement ring curves inward in the middle, creating a striking shape.
Adding extra details to a men’s wedding band can really take it to the next level, creating a look that’s truly unique – just like you. A few options for detailing include: